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And after that long spreadsheet session, relax to some choice music.

Ace Records
Ace Records is quite simply the best record catalogue on the web. It includes many great recordings from the classic era of Rock'n' Roll, Blues, Doo Wop, Jazz and Soul.

Little Axe
Little Axe aka Skip McDonald has updated the Blues. "Hard Grind" is a wonderful atmospheric mixture of Delta Blues and Jamacian Dub, which puts old time feel to a modern groove.

John Tchicai
Listen to "John Tchicai with Strings". The great afro danish saxophonist duets with orchestral strings and beautiful soundscapes.

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Simon Johnson
Simon designed this site.

The Free Site
An essential guide to free resources on the Net.

The Computer Textile Design Group
This is an excellent UK site for those with an interest in computer-designed needlework, embroidery or associated textile crafts.

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