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Excel Reference Sites

Excel Tips
This site provides a comprehensive set of Excel tips and advice

The art of the Spreadsheet
This is John Raffensperger's much respected guide to spreadsheet style.

This site is the home of the European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group.

Basics of Spreadsheet Auditing
This link references a short paper entitled "Getting the OOPS Out of Spreadsheets".

The History of the Spreadsheet
The DaVinci Institute has identified the top 10 inventions in money techology in the last 100 years. The spreadsheet of one of them.

Excel Freeware

Excel Easy
'Excel Easy' claims to be 'The #1 Excel tutorial on the web' and it could well be right! Highly recommended.

Simtools and Formlist
'Simtools.xla' adds statistical functions and procedures for implementing Monte Carlo simulation and risk analysis in spreadsheets. 'Formlist.xla' is a simple auditing tool that adds procedures for displaying the formulas of any selected range.

ASAP Utilities
'ASAP Utilities' is probably one of the world's most popular free add-ins for Excel. It contains over 300 useful and powerful utilities to fill the gaps in Excel. The Site also has useful selection of Excel shortcuts and tips.

Rob Bovey's Utilities
This site provides a limited but very high quality set of utilities. They include the legendary 'VBA Code Cleaner'.

Business Functions
The basic edition of 'Business Functions' includes 65 useful functions and it is free. Enhanced versions are available for sale.

Free Excel Games
You can download 10, or more, free Excel Games from this site.

Excel General

Excel Templates, Training and Add-ins from 'Ozgrid'
This is a very large site housing countless amounts of free content for Microsoft Excel and business related software. It sells all products related to Microsoft Excel and has a free support forum for all Microsoft Office Applications.

Good Quality Excel Add-ins from 'Add-ins.com'
This site houses a wide range of original time saving add-ins for Microsoft Excel.

John Walkenbach
John is a legend in the Excel community. This site is so comprehensive that it even includes spreadsheet jokes and Excel Easter eggs.

Advanced Excel articles, tips and a discussion forum for Excel professionals and enthusiasts

This site is the home of 'Synkronizer' an Excel add-in, that compares, synchronizes and updates Excel spreadsheets.

A well thought out and nicely presented site mainly covering the use of Excel formula. It helps to maintain Kent's outstanding reputation for excellent websites. It is no coincidence that Dust Free Solutions originates from the same English County!

Alan Loves Excel
...And he shows his passion by providing some interesting formulae, coding examples and FAQ.

Sam Raheb
Sam Raheb's Microsoft Excel Web Site (Shareware Programs for Excel).

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