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Backchat is a tutor program which can teach you one of life’s essential skills. It can teach you to speak backwards!

Its principles are very simple. You record a word or phrase and the program plays back the recording in reverse. You repeat what you hear and the program records this and plays it back in reverse. If you have been successful, then this should match your original phrase.

This program was featured during September 2002 on Tech TV; an American television channel dedicated to Technology.

Also, this program appeared on the front page of and has already been downloaded thousands of times.

Some review quotes:-

“In the category of ‘I can’t believe they made it’, the award of outstanding achievement in a free file goes to Back Chat.”

“Does exactly what it says on the tin, no more no less. If you want to learn to speak backwards to confuse your friends or enemy, this is the program for you.”

“Whomever made this program need a hug and remember they are with us, so let’s learn how to speak their talk as soon as possible.”

“I got a new girlfriend because of this program! Thank you!”

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